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Investment Banking & Financial Advisory

How valuable is your business? Valuable enough to attract investors or enough to make you an investor? Whatever the case may be, we are here to help your business find, grow and sustain its value.

Our primary focus is identifying and creating value for growth and expansion of our clients and their interests. As registered issuing house, we have a proven track record in varied capital market transactions through strategic processes that include and result in efficient transaction management; precise valuation and pricing; Guidance on Legal and Regulatory aspects; drafting of Information Memoranda and other deal requirements amongst others.

Whatever, your investment banking needs are, ranging from valuation, to acquisition, mergers, sales, buy-outs, capital raising or business advisory, we deliver on your objective by rendering bespoke strategies to meet your needs. Some of the strategies we deploy are;

Whatever, your investment banking needs are, we deliver on your objective by rendering bespoke strategies to meet your expectations.


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Imagine those great dreams you have for your business…the expansion…the efficient processes… With our in-depth business and sector analysis, we answer questions about the future of your business.

Questions like which direction should the business take? how should the business expand? how do you identify the right business venture to make or acquire? what is the precise valuation? how and what should the business invest in? how should you structure your deal/transactions and what negotiating tactics to deploy?

With our expert services to guide, you never have to operate your business by emotions and passion alone.

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Infrastructure projects are not profitable even if you deploy a feasibility study. The key to every infrastructure project, be it in the power sector, oil and gas, manufacturing or any sector is the depth of knowledge about the sector.

The depth of knowledge provides headway to discover insights that matter in the feasibility study, and this is the decider for profitability of infrastructure projects.

Our infrastructure advisory team is well advanced and equipped with knowledge on different sectors. These knowledge and expertise are utilized in developing frameworks for our feasibility studies and used to extract relevant insight for providing strategic advice to our clients.

Discover the profitable side to infrastructure projects by calling our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

When your company needs money…a loan… who and where do you go to? Before you answer these questions, certain factors need to be considered. Factors like how much do you nnotepeed? What do you need the money for and for how long?

The answers to the above questions help you determine who and where you go to for money and thus, helps you decide if you require debt or equity financing.

For companies that require short-term funds for immediate bills and likes or need to fund a long-term growth strategy, Equity Financing is recommended. This involves sale of shares to institutional investors (for public companies) or private investors like venture capitalist, angel investors (for private companies). Through such sales companies can exchange their equity (shares) for cash and in return achieve their goals.

However, for companies that require long-term funds for working capital, or capital related expenditures like new business ventures, expansion of operations etc. Debt Financing is recommended.

This involves selling debt instruments like commercial paper, promissory notes, bonds etc. to individuals or institutional investors. In exchange for this sale the individuals or institutional investors become creditors, and the debt instruments become a promise that the principal and interest on the debt will be repaid.

Do you need to raise funds for your business? Take advantage of our expertise by calling our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Will you like to raise capital without increasing the number of shareholders you have? Then this service is for you. As a business, the need for growth is paramount, but at what cost?

At Meristem, proffering best solutions is engraved in our essence and this is the reason we offer the Right Issue Management Service. This service is designed for businesses looking to raise capital from their existing shareholders.

By rendering our expertise, we help businesses achieve this by;