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Estates and Trustees

Trust is the reason you have a password for your banking platforms. It is the reason you have CCTV cameras in your homes and offices. What protection do you have for your wealth? your legacy? and for those you love?

What passwords or CCTV cameras do you deploy to ensure that when you are gone, your legacy is properly transferred to those you have chosen?

protect the future of your family and those you care about

You need a trust partner, you need Meristem Trustees. As Trustees, Meristem acts as a fiduciary or your representative. We partner with you to ensure your wishes are executed with professionalism and efficiency. Thus, making sure your legacy lives on in the manner you have decided.

Our trust services are designed not just for individuals, but corporates and institutions. Our clients value the separation between the legal ownership and management of assets. As trustee, we are the legal owner of, or hold security over, assets and financial instruments on behalf of our clients, as well as providing administration and settlement support.


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Finally, you have built your wealth, your houses, your companies, vacation homes, gotten your cars, money, jewellery etc. How do you want all these (your estate) to be distributed especially when you are no more? According to your wishes, or left to other people’s decisions?

Estate planning empowers you and not others, to choose how your asset will be managed and distributed when you are alive and when you are gone. As trustees, our job is to professionally render estate planning services to you, one that ensures your plans are executed to the letter. By taking on this role, we relieve you of all burdens and stress associated with preservation and transfer of your legacy.

Here are some guides:

Estate Execution Services:

You finally decided it was time to write a Will, however you are convinced that your best friend, your relative (children or favourite in-law), religious leader, your community head or your lawyer is the best fit to be “Executors” of your Will. How so? While you may vouch for their intentions and character while you are alive, how certain can you be when you are no longer alive?

At Meristem Trustees, we make it our business to ensure your interest and that of your beneficiaries is well protected even in your demise. Choosing us also prevents your estate from potential losses it could face if the executor you select does not have the required skills.

As your executor or co-executor, we are a neutral and objective party. This means we will always be there to carry out your wishes to the letter ensuring that no greed or personal interest from friends or relatives conflicts with your wishes.

You can get started on writing out your wishes, by taking advantage of any of our Will Services;


This allows you draft a legal binding will, without the presence of a lawyer from the comfort of your internet enabled device. It however, covers only directives for your liquid asset (cash in bank, mutual funds, treasury bills, pension and any other investment instrument that can be converted to cash)

To write a Simple Will, Click this link


This service covers directives for all asset irrespective of the nature; liquid or illiquid (real estate, cars, jewellery etc.). Our comprehensive Will Service offers you a personal trust advisor, who is a member of the Meristem team and is tasked with the sole purpose of ensuring your directives are properly represented in your Will and executed when you are gone.

Ensure your directives are properly represented today, call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected] to get started.


In the event of your demise, how soon do you want your beneficiaries to get access to your cash or cash convertible asset (treasury bills, mutual funds etc.)?

With a liquified asset trust in place, delay and stress for liquid asset transfer is eliminated. This service allows your beneficiaries gain access to your liquid asset in record time. It also, eliminates the need for a grant of probate, the 10% inheritance tax usually associated with asset transfers done through wills and shields your beneficiaries from any legal contest.

This service offers you a unique way to execute your desires and protect the interest of your selected beneficiaries.

To get started, call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Living Trust:

Are you concerned about the welfare of your family when you are no more, especially if you were to pass unexpectedly? We understand that sometimes putting pen to paper to write a Will or to spell out your wishes can be tasking, however you would not want your family to be left to chance, would you?

All is not gloom though, if you have difficulties in documenting a Will, you can set up a Living Trust! With a living trust, you enjoy the benefits of protecting the interest of your loved ones, while still enjoying your day to day life. You also, get to save your family and beneficiaries problems typically associated with beneficiaries getting their inheritance, saving time and money, ensuring faster distribution of assets to your heirs—from months or years with other instruments of asset transfer down to weeks with a living trust.

Your choice trustee (Meristem) will pay your debts and distribute your assets according to your instructions.


Do you have assets and businesses that you want to continuously generate revenue even in your absence? Do you want to ensure that there is proper management mechanism put in place to help protect your business legacy? Then this service is for you.

A Testamentary Trust is established based on directions given in your Will. When writing a Will, you can direct that a number of your assets be transferred to a Trust, which will be managed by a Trustee (as appointed by you in your Will).

While a Living Trust takes effect when you are alive, a Testamentary Trust on the other hand takes effect upon death.

Choose how your legacy is preserved call today call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Do you need a legal advisor for your business? Will you like to easily navigate business laws and regulations, manage conflicts, make financial decisions, develop proper corporate governance and build strategies that yields results? Not to worry, Meristem is here to offer you these and more.

By enlisting Meristem as your company secretary, we offer you advice spanning from legal advice on conflicts of interest, through accounting advice on financial reports, to the development of strategy and corporate planning, including governance structures and mechanisms, corporate conduct within an organization's regulatory environment, board, shareholder and trustee meetings.

Our Nominee service is dedicated to helping you preserve the privacy and confidentiality of your business transactions while at the same time ensuring the timely delivery of investment and corporate governance needs.

We also act as nominees for the purchase, sale, improvement, development, holding and management of any personal or real property of all kinds, nature, descriptions or tenure. This includes business concerns and undertakings

No more taking actions blind, to get started call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

How secure are your children’s education? Secure enough to get them a tertiary level education? Secure enough to continue without you in the picture? If your answer is; no, then you need to get a child education trust with Meristem.

We ensure that your child’s education is secured up to the desired degree level regardless of any unforeseen event. Our child education trust also allows you plan towards your children’s tuition fees in advance – through a custom payment plan.

Give your children the secured future they deserve call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Are you interested in building a house in Nigeria, while abroad? Do you have projects you will like to achieve for family, communities or groups in Nigeria, but restricted by the fear or fraud and people not keeping to their words? Then this service is for.

The Meristem Diaspora trust is designed to help you plan and execute small or big scale projects in Nigeria from whichever country you are domiciled in. As a company, we recognised the hassles associated with planning and executing projects while abroad, and we decided to help by ensuring projects can be executed successfully without the risk of losing money to agents, family members or fraudsters.

Find more on this here: Meristem Diaspora Trust

Got projects in Nigeria? Get a diaspora trust by calling our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Do you run a corporate entity? Do you have asset which you will like better managed to earn you profits? Will you like these profits to form funds for syndicated lending or part of the employee benefit scheme and contributions to the growth of your firm? Then this service is for you

We deliver comprehensive solutions to ensure seamless execution and outstanding levels of service. For Meristem Trustees, we believe each transaction is unique and as such, partner with our clients to develop service offerings tailored to best suit their needs and individual contexts.

Our corporate trust service offers you hands-on professionals who make it their job to take away the burden of thinking about issues not central to your business. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment and with resources more constrained, our clients utilise our experience, infrastructure and expertise to minimise their administrative burden; our client-centric approach puts you at the centre of our organisation, enabling you to focus on your core business.

You can take advantage of our trust services today by calling our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Public trust is the degree to which the public believes that business will act in a particular manner because the business has included the public’s interest into its own. This is crucial for businesses as it deepens social cooperation and market efficiency. With Meristem Trustees acting as Trustees to your business, there is a greater level of trust, increasing both patronage and success of your public interest instruments like bond and mutual fund offers.

Trustee To Mutual Funds & Unit Trust Schemes

In order to achieve regulatory compliance and Investors protection, we act as Trustees to unit holders in unit trust schemes. Specifically, we monitor the Fund Manager’s activities to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, Prospectus and relevant regulations. We also perform the following roles:

  • Monitor and maintain register of unit holders.
  • Ascertain that monthly and other periodic returns/reports relating to the scheme are sent to the regulators by the Fund Manager.
Government and Corporate Bonds

Governments and corporations at periodic times issue Bonds in order to raise funds for a variety of projects and activities. With respect to Government Bonds, our duties involve holding the security and performing the administrative functions required under the conditions for the bond in line with the laws.

As bond trustees, we represent the interest of bondholders by ensuring that the requirements and terms of the Trust Deed are implemented. We help maintain list of bond holders, represent the interests of bondholders in the event of a default, manage the sinking fund among other duties.

You can take advantage of our trust services today by calling our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

The first stage of giving is to think about what you want to achieve—giving becomes rewarding when it reflects your beliefs and when you can see what you are accomplishing. Setting clear objectives will help you to work out what is important to you and provide you with something to assess the success of your giving against.

Meristem Trustees, helps ensure that your philanthropy initiatives achieves its purpose while maintaining loyalty to your intent and objectives, as well as loyalty to the interests of the public and the community that is supposed to benefit from the philanthropic gesture.


Many individuals are desirous of giving back to the society in which they operate and to be socially responsible citizens. Such desires may be undertaken through the establishment of Foundations or non-governmental organizations with the main objective of benefitting a select section of the public or the public generally in a variety of ways ranging from provision of basic amenities to infrastructural development in rural communities.

We can set up of Foundations for you, our services span from the gestation period of selecting the structure of the foundation, setting the terms of reference for its governance organs, drafting and preparation of relevant documentations, incorporation of the Foundation as well as instituting the Foundation’s governance code and best practices (where required).

Endowments/Charities Trust

A charitable trust may be suitable if you want to give regularly to a number of causes, if you want to give a reasonable amount as a one-off gift from time to time, or if you want to ask others to contribute to the trust’s funds. Setting up your own trust provides a framework for planning your charitable giving in a systematic and thoughtful way.

Meristem Trustees offer services in the area of Endowment scheme management. We specialize amongst others in setting up and managing Endowment Funds on behalf of our clients to meet a particular objective.

Endowment Funds may for instance be set up to cater for the less privileged members of the society, aged people, and school children or to address security challenges. It is a way of giving back to the society and to cater for less privileged members of the society.

For more information, call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]