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Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management services essentially allows you afford and sustain your desired lifestyle through regulated investment instruments from the beginning till post-retirement.

Our curated products and expert wealth advisors are here to help you grow, preserve and transfer your acquired wealth down to the generations after you thus preserving your legacy.

What do you need money for really?
To start out life? To sustain your current lifestyle?


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Picture these scenarios:
At age 20 you are trying get done with your first degree, age 26-28; trying to settle down, start a business, get a car, get married, take your first vacation etc. At age 35 or earlier you are probably trying to buy your first house, pay for your kids’ education, plan your retirement and basically get the best of life. No matter what the goal is or when the goal is, we are here to help.

As financial experts, we understand the role money plays in enabling you live your best life. We make it our priority to understand your needs and when you want to actualise it. With this knowledge, we expertly guide your investment decisions to enable you make choices that are of minimal risk or risk free and yield timely returns.

Build the right leaders and preserve your legacy. Call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

People often say; “I was once rich” “She used to be rich” “Back in the day I could afford….” Etc. Why? Don’t add to the growing number of ‘used to be rich.’ Wealth lost due to lack of preservation is worse than its creation.

At Meristem, we believe wealth should exist beyond time and should be immune to challenges like inflation, economic/political instability and other succession risk cases.

This belief is the reason for our wealth preservation service. In preserving your wealth, we help you assess and identify the risk-level your existing asset expose you to. Then, we structure your investment portfolio/asset using strategies that ensure risk avoidance and reduction of overall risk.

This is all to ensure protection of your wealth for the present and future.

To get started contact us on our wealthline 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]


Having a savings account cannot get you your desired retirement lifestyle! Think about it. Factors like inflation, devaluation of currency and even medical challenges that may come with age are things a savings account can’t SAVE you from.

A savings account cannot fund your retirement lifestyle. Everyone will retire one day, planned or not planned. The difference is a planned retirement makes life comfortable and an unplanned one makes life uncomfortable.

With Meristem as your financial partner, you can start your retirement plan even from your first day of work or even when close to retirement. We ensure you get to plan that allows you afford and sustain a lifestyle you want in retirement!

Let’s get started on planning the retirement of your choice today! Call our wealthline on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Who will bell the cat? Who will gain your wealth? Who will get your wealth when you are gone? Who gets to cater for your loved ones when you are gone? These are questions we often ask too late or never get to ask, let alone decide.

Sadly, if you do not decide this on time, someone else will decide for you when you are gone. We believe, you deserve the power to not just create wealth but also chose who gets your wealth and how your wealth caters for your loved ones when you are no more. This power is what our Estate Planning Service offers.

Its time to take charge of how your wealth will be distributed.

Call our wealthline on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Be less anxious about your plan to give back to the society.

As you acquire wealth overtime, thoughts of empowering communities, giving to charities and organisations become top of mind for you. However, the thoughts of which organisations to empower, how and over what period also creep in.

These can be quite challenging but do not to worry, as experts, we ensure your good deed is not hindered by such challenges. We take care of your wishes from start to finish, and even offer expert advice, to help you achieve your goals in more fulfilling ways.

Need to give back? Get started! Call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Do you pay your tax as a dutiful citizen? You should and if you currently do, you could be paying more in taxes than you ought to. Do you know taxes and tax liabilities can be calculated and even negotiated?

Do you also know that investing in government issued securities are tax free and can help significantly reduce your taxes?

To find out more on how to get the best tax rates and values call our wealth-line 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

The dream is to allow our companies or business interests live on even when we are no more. Who takes over our business affairs when we are retired or even when we are no more? The answer to this question defines if businesses live forever or die.

As Meristem we believe in your legacy, and we believe that for your legacy to live on beyond you, a succession plan must be put in place. Through expertise, knowledge, and emotional intelligence, we work together with founders and business owners, to build successors that deliver growth and seamless leadership, that truly reflects the interest and vision of the company.

To find out more on how to get the best tax rates and values call our wealth-line 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]