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Stockbrokerage and Securities Trading

Imagine a one-stop shop, where you can buy and sell stocks, get research information on what the best performing stocks are, work with experts to manage your portfolio, portfolio of your clients and even reconstruct a non-performing portfolio.

Now stop imagining and start experiencing our one stop stock-trading and brokerage services below

Will you like to buy or sell stocks? Be your own broker and do it yourself via MERITRADE


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Will you like to buy or sell stocks? Be your own broker and do it yourself via MERITRADE, our online stockbroking platform. Will you like better management of your shares and access to the most exclusive market research? Stop reading now and download the MERITRADE app to get started

With MERITRADE, you get access to;

  • The stock market for real-time buying and selling of shares from your comfort zone.
  • Real-time market information, to help you make the best trading decisions
  • Real-time monitoring of the market and your shares/portfolio.

Take advantage of the opportunities on the stock market, download the Meritrade app to get started.

For more information call our wealth-line on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

Earn commissions on transactions by being a part of our business associates.

Are you a licensed Broker, Sub-Broker, Fund Manager, Corporate/Individual Advisor or any other capital market operator?

The Meristem Business Associate platform allows you work with our in-house business experts to grow wealth for your clients. It provides a platform for capital market operators to place mandate for their clients to buy and sell shares, receive real time updates/feedback on their clients’ transactions and most importantly have a global status of their clients’ portfolio position.

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I am tired of the stock market, I am not making any profits! if this sounds like you then this service is for you!

The goal of every investor is for their investments to achieve their desired objectives and often this is not always the case due to uncertain economic and political climate. To combat these challenges, the Meristem portfolio reconstruction service was developed.

The service offers:

  • Robust and top-notch Investment Research
  • Dedicated Investment Advisors
  • Corporate Benefit tracking and retrieval
  • Immediate Portfolio Reconstruction

Get started by calling our wealthline on 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]

If you got stocks years ago, it is likely they have appreciated and all you need is to track and start building on them. With millions of shares traded over a period time, it is often expected that investors lose track of their true investments. As experts in the financial market, we offer specialized services that assist in tracking down lost equity investments and ensuring that you get prompt access to value/stocks.

Get started by calling our wealthline 0700MERISTEM or send an email to [email protected]